Creamy Goat cheese and courgette quiche

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Buttery creamy goats cheese and courgette quiche;

An unlikely contender for a cold autumn evening, but eat it warm straight from the oven with a lovely light organic salad with plenty of seasonal root veggies either roasted or raw. It’s a last metaphoric wave goodbye to Summer before we embark upon the Winter months. Now’s the time for nourishing and blood building rather than detoxing. Not everyone is tolerant of gluten and grains, spelt is slightly lower in gluten and higher in protein. Stoneground or even sprouted varieties can be sourced for a lighter eating experience. And if you’re confident making gluten free pastry I’m all for gluten free dishes. I always add an extra egg to the pastry mix which helps it bond and glue better.

The key to really good pastry is don’t handle it too much, keep it cool and let it rest for at least an hour in the fridge or a very cool place!

I’ve just picked up some beautiful large freshly laid eggs from the local Marsh Farm in Essex which I mix with either a generous gloop of double cream or whole goats milk. It’s always best to crack the eggs and whisk them first before adding a splash of milk or cream. Cream makes it extra rich and delicious and don’t be fearful of the fat; it keeps you fuller for longer! Another little tip; sprinkle 1 tsp of Marigold bouillon and some fresh herbs ( I love lemon thyme or chives ) sprinkled liberally through the mixture with half a tsp of Seagreens granules to add depth of flavour and added nutrition.

Quiche is wonderful as a packed lunch sandwich alternative the day after, rich in protein it keeps you fuller for longer.

You will need a 10″ quiche dish and heat the oven on gas mark 6 / 200C when ready to start making the quiche.

200g stoneground or sprouted spelt flour (or gluten free)
100g organic unsalted butter (cow or goat)
1 tsp of Seagreens (sea vegetables ) granules.
5 large free range organic eggs
1tablespoon of Organic double cream or whole goats (milk or cream)
1 medium organic courgette sliced into discs.
Half a block of goats cheese or feta cut into small cubes.
Finely diced red or pink onions ( spring onions also works well)
A generous handful of grated Manchego, Parmesan or Montasio D.O.P cheese.
A pinch of pepper

To make the pastry mix half fat to flour rubbing in cubes of butter into a texture like breadcrumbs. Once rubbed in add a few tablespoons of chilled water with a squeeze of lemon juice and a gloop of olive oil. Mix into a large ball then wrap in clingfilm and allow to rest for a minimum of an hour. ( I sometimes make the pastry either the day before or in the morning to make later on that evening, then it’s really rested)!

Meanwhile, slice and dice the onions, the courgettes and the feta into little cubes.

Whisk the eggs first pouring double cream, a tsp of Vegetable bouillon sprinkled in, a tsp of Seagreens fine or medium granules and some finely chopped herbs.

Add the handful of grated cheese to the egg and cream mixture.

Take the rested pastry mix from the fridge roll on a floured surface once rolled evenly to a circle large enough for the quiche dish usually make it larger for excess to fit well.

Roll onto the rolling pin with grease proof paper and place on the greased quiche dish, push down, into the dish and bake blind for 5 mins on reduced heat of 180 C gas mark 4

You can lightly and very gently griddle or fry the onions and courgette, then sprinkle them on the base of the quiche once removed from the oven, add the egg and cream mixture finishing off with little cubes of feta and freshly ground pepper. You can use the chopped herbs to decorate the surface also.

Now return the quiche on a baking sheet to the centre of the oven, reduce the heat to gas mark 4, 180ÂșC and bake the quiche for 35-40 minutes till golden and firm in the centre.

Serve with a crisp organic salad, home made mayonnaise and a lovely lemon and olive oil dressing.


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