Why Organic Food; Keep it local and seasonal !

imageTop 10 danger list: If you buy a single organic product make it one of these:

Beef BSE has never been detected in organic herds

Carrots and Lettuce Carrots are sprayed heavily to eliminate the carrot fly, Lettuces are sprayed up to 25 times with agrochemicals.  

Chicken Non- organic birds are kept in cramped conditions pumped full of hormones and antibiotics organic birds live longer and have a fuller stronger flavour. 

Eggs Battery hens get a synthetic feed full of antibiotics and colorants the free range varies but organic hens are free to roam and have a 70% organic diet.

Milk Cows grazing on chemicals pass them on; dioxins, Lindane and DDT are regularly found in milk. Dairy herds are fed high protein mixes to boost milk production; organic herds graze on organic pasture and aren’t given animal protein or antibiotics. Raw milk is always preferable its rich in digestive enzymes vitamins and minerals (all of which get killed off when pasteurised) is easier to digest and its so very good for you! Check out Hook and Son http://www.hookandson.co.uk/or Ellie’s Dairy http://elliesdairy.blogspot.co.uk/ for amazingly healthy and the most hygienic raw milk.

Pork Non organic pigs are taken from their mothers soon after birth and given hormones and antibiotics.

Wholewheat bread  Pesticide residues lie on the outside of the grain, so non-organic wholewheat bread contains more pesticides than non-organic white bread. Try Artisan bread I love them because they are sourdough fermented and contain Seagreens the best you can get in my opinion http://www.artisanbread-abo.com/

Suggestion; Keep it local, seasonal and organic search for farmers Markets on the internet yoUr local fruit and vegetable market will be cheaper and fresher than the supermarkets.


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