Thank goodness for carob

Delicious, healthy, caffeine free alternative to chocolate, hail carob the new superfood.

Raw cacao once the Superstar of the natural health world is now stepping aside for a new kid on the block.
Carob, if you haven’t already heard of it by now is the current contender for super food status, due to its impressive nutrient profile: packed with more calcium plus zinc, potassium, phosphorous, vitamin K, riboflavin, and vitamin-E, as well as its natural antioxidants in the form of Polyphenols.

Sea Greens

Recommended Products: Seagreens What are Seagreens? Seagreens are range of food products made entirely from seaweed with nothing added or extracted. Seagreens® are certified Organic Seagreens® are certified contaminant-free Seagreens® seaweed is sustainably wild-harvested and gently air dried Unlike conventional … Continued